Flowers are one of my favourite things to paint.... They are colourful and fun and one can paint them in so many ways. I like to paint as many of my paintings as I can from reallife... If it's a bunch of flowers I am planning on painting  I  go out and pick them, arrange them in a vase and have some fun. As with all my paintings, I love how light alters mood and I use this influence a lot in the way I paint my floral depictions.

"Floral Fantasy"
112 x 122 cm
Oil on stretched canvas 

"Spontaneous Arrangement"
15cm x 15cm
Oil on canvas

"Roses are Red"
15cm x 15cm
Oil on Canvases

"The Porcelain Vase"
100cm x 50cm
Oil on Stretched Canvas

"A Floral Affair"
30cm x 40 cm
Oil on Canvas Board

"Red and Fragrant"
30cm x 40cm
Oil on Canvas - frame optional

"Roses for Valentines
60cm x 45cm
Oil on canvas (blocked)

"St Joseph's Lilly"

60cm x 45cm
Mixed Media on Stretched Canvas

"To create one's own world takes courage" Georgia O'Keeffe